Good-Laser Light 530

Good-Laser Light 530

Smart desktop CO2 Laser cutting & engraving machine

Light up your free mind of creation
Made for STEAM education and DIY making
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Take your laser create
to the next level

Safety, ease-to-use, and eco-friendly... every aspect is considered and designed to a higher standard above the average. We did not satisfy the inherent old product model. yet we responded to more advanced user demands, broke through, and innovated boldly to update our CO2 desktop laser cutter machine.

Now, the new generation of Light 530 is officially launched after countless tests and verification.
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New design for your
ultimate laser experience

High quality red dot CO2 laser
(19.6 x 12.5 inch)
Working area
Maximum working speed
maximum cutting thickness(Acrylic)
4K 16MP
Ultra-HD CCD camera
High-precision repositioning accuracy

High-quality high precision laser

Thickened high-quality enclosed CO2 laser tube with 10640nm wavelength, provides a 55W high-quality CO2 laser that is capable of maximum cutting thickness up to 20mm(Acrylic). And the working speeds up to 600mm/s, with repeat positioning accuracy of 0.025mm configuration to fast and accurate cutting and engraving of sophisticated creative work.

Integrated triple waste gas filtration system

With Industrial grade filter element activated carbon and silent fan combined filter system integrated design, it is not only cleaner and more environmentally friendly, but also more convenient and compact to place the machine, which no need to purchase a separate filter box and take up more space.

Multiple official powerful operation control modes & design system

It is so easy to realize your countless inspiration in both laser design system LightMaker on PC and Mobile APP as well. Combined with the 5-inch full-color high-definition touch panel on the machine.

Official operating system LightMaker on PC

Good-Laser official operating & design system, compatible with a variety of design software including AI, PS, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Solidworks to upload high-quality JPG, DXF, AI, DST, PNG, BMP, TIF, SVG and other files.

LightMaker APP on Mobile phone

Your mobile phone can also become a powerful laser creation tool with intelligent operation, to realize your laser creation through easy and quickly complete.

5inch touch panel operating system

The high-definition and full-color 5-inch touch screen machine operation enables simple and intuitive operation of the entire process.

Top priority standard
safety protection

The highest safety tests required by SGS lab, Class I laser products by FDA, and the unique safety & working indicator provide an intuitive and clear understanding of the machine's operating status.

Compatible materials

wood board
corrugated cardboard
acrylic board
backing board
glass fiber
two-tone board
two-color board
artificial marble
coated aluminum
coated stainless steel

Light 530 Laser Machine Specification

Laser type  Sealed carbon dioxide glass laser tube
Laser power


Work area500x300 mm

Maximum working speed


Positioning accuracy

Lifting stroke of laser head≤30mm

Cutting thickness

Material thickness≤22mm

CCD Camera pixel

4K 1600MP
Focus methodAuto focus, manual focus

Connection method

Support USB, network cable and 

WIFI connection.

Support systemWindows, Mac OS

Software system

LightMaker or Lightburn(PC),

LightMaker(Mobile phone)

Support softwarePs, Ai, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc

Supported file formats

Control method5inch LCD touch screen/ mobile phone APP/ PC software

Safety protection

Interlock switch with open cover to stop, flick drawer to stop, emergency button, safety key, working status indicator
Cooling method

Built-in water cooling system

(water tank & water chiller)

Power supply220V/110V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Total Weight60kg (132lbs)
Machine size≤1080*585*320mm

Water Cooling System Specification (built-in)
Working voltageDC 24V air cooling + aluminum coil
Water tank capacity4.5L
Maximum pressure5M   
Water flow

1000L/h or external dedicated 

CW3000 laser chiller (optional)

Air Pump Specification (built-in)
VoltageAC 220V/110V 16W 
Air pressure


Suction System Specification
(external conjoined) side down ventilation

Rated voltageDC 24V/62W
Air volume280 m²/H

AC 220V/110V120W

Filtration system

Activated carbon filter+silent fan+industrial grade activated carbon bricks
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Optional Accessories
RDC6445GT-HH Touch Screen Laser Controller
1. Support up to 4 channels of servo/stepping motor control.
2. Support 1-way extended serial port to communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface.
3. Support 4 OC gate outputs, which can directly drive 5V/24 relays.
4. Support mobile APP.
CO2 laser Si reflective mirror lens
The laser mirror lens sold 3pcs as a kit, it uses a gold-plated film with a reflectivity higher than 96% and fast heat dissipation.
SPT TR90 / TR100
The replaceable 60W to 130W laser CO2 tube with lengths from 1080mm to 1680mm.
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