Good-Laser new Light 640 CO2 laser cutter is ready now!

We are so excited and proud to announce that our new generation of high-end education and DIY maker application cutting machine Light 640 has finally been officially released. Over 8 months from the initial establishment of a new product R&D project to the first mass production. It has finally entered the final acceptance process. I will be able to meet you soon!

First, let’s take a look at the functional parameters of the Light 640 as below:

60W high quality CO2 laser source

(80W optional)

High-speed motor (Servo motor optional)

Red dot positioning,  Autofocus

600X400mm Working platform

Maximum cutting thickness20macrylic

Maximum working speed: 1000mm/s

Repeated positioning accuracy0.01mm/s

Table lifting height:155mm

This series of laser machines is completely designed in accordance with laser education and training applications, (We set it as a series product due to the Light 640 being the first of the entire standing laser cutting machine). whether it is used in STEAM education, K12 education, or higher-level education application for university laser professional courses, or professional training, it is applicable to all aspects. Also because of its excellent performance and cutting effects with smooth cross-section, no blackening and no yellowing, etc. effects, it is also very suitable for many high-standard laser art cutting DIY creations.

In terms of the design of the user experience, we have designed the standard water chiller, air box and air pump, the three relatively space-consuming accessories as fixed devices without external wires and hidden inside the machine. After users received the machine, they can start it up and use it directly without complicated installation procedures. Even for users who have never touched a laser cutting machine before, it is very friendly and there is no need to worry about the installation or use procedures being too complicated. At the same time, such a simple design also ensures the cleanliness and safety of the use space. Without various external equipment and wiring, the site around the machine is safer. People walking around will not step on the wires, causing tripping or other safety hazards.

We have put more effort into the structure and overall quality of the machine. In order to ensure a highly stable structure and long-term durability, we have chosen to cooperate with the best quality metal sheet metal manufacturer in the industry to make the high standard molding separately, and repeatedly verify and test the sheets. As the shape, solidity, and surface fineness of the metal parts not only ensure that the overall appearance of the machine is more strong and durable, but the internal structure also reaches a high level of solidity. All because we hope that users who invest in our Good-Laser machine will get value for money every time they spend.

The quality level of the machine has passed the CE test certified by the SGS laboratory. At the same time, all safety protections are in place and meticulous. The FDA laser product level registered by this machine is a Class 1 laser product recognized by the FDA. Class 1 laser products mean that the laser safety level of the machine is the safest level. Class 1 laser products are recognized by the FDA as harmless and will not cause harm to the human body, especially for users in the education industry. Which can get a full safety guarantee.


In terms of software compatibility, in addition to the operating software that comes with our motherboards, our software also supports operating software suitable for LightBurn. Our original intention is to make a high-quality, low-entry, and easy-to-use laser cutting machine so that more people can enjoy the assistance brought by laser cutting and the fun of releasing creativity and productivity.


Finally, let’s see how our machine actually cuts.

As we can see in the video, the results of our latest acrylic sheet cutting test, the combination of high-quality laser components, laser light source configuration and control system, even the cross-sections of thick acrylic sheets with high density can be cut using the Light 640 Make it smooth and crystal clear.


(If you want to see more cutting and engraving test effects, please visit our official Youtube channel to find the corresponding video to watch at )


The release of the new Light 640 machine is another masterpiece of Good-Laser's 15 years of technological accumulation. It provides a whole new upgraded laser cutting machine solution that is cost-effective, high-quality and high-performance for professional laser education and training. The first batch of new Light 640 machines will soon meet with users in December 2023. For more details, please contact Good-Laser official +86 189 2676 5703 or email us at

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