Good-Laser CO2 laser machine Light 530 new upgrade

We are so excited and can’t wait to share that our original HH002 model has been upgraded to a whole new level again, and more importantly, is that the cost is still the same!


As a unique and highly cost-effective 60W CO2 laser cutting desktop machine, it has various original and complete configurations such as an integrated three-layer exhaust gas filter box, 4K 8MP high-definition camera, special mirror process main panel, working speed up to 600mm/s and American brand laser lenses, etc., makes it practical application performance a very idealistic choice to be used in STEAM education and DIY maker application scenarios. Whether it is the appearance of the machine, its performance, or its operation experience, it has received unanimous praise from our users.


But we still remain open and enterprising attitude to listen to our users' voices and feedback and make positive improvements on the machine. As shown in the figure below, you will see what kind of optimization and upgrades we have made on the original HH002 model:

And we would like to specifically mention the change of our product name. As a brand and product that has just entered the international market in May 2023, we have had more than 15 years of research and development of professional laser cutting and engraving equipment manufacturing experience before that. But we must admit that in many markets and industries that are advancing with the times, we may still be at the level of primary school students, but we are willing to learn and actively embrace new changes with an open heart.


Therefore, with the starting point of empowering our products with more meaning and better serving our customers and users, we changed the original HH002 model to Light 530.


The light source, light, lighting, and other meanings represented by Light are all characteristics of our products themselves. And we hope that the Good-Laser product that we designed and developed can light up more creativity, imagination, and free minds for our users. 


The number 530 is the numerical abbreviation of 530X330mm of the machine working area, allowing our customers and users to better directly identify the corresponding machine model.


As mentioned above, all these optimization are carried out without increasing the purchase cost of our users, for our users to enjoy more and better user experience at the same cost as before. Making products focusing on user experience will always be the core of our product design and development routine.


Meanwhile, we are also working on more in-depth development and application optimization of the software. Welcome to follow us for more updates. Or leave us a message directly at for more product details.

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