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Standardization and consistency of process technology in the cutting edge of laser craft
At Good Laser manufacturing center, the center and target of our work is to deliver quality products on time. From the inspection of income parts to assembly, debugging. there will be corresponding inspection standards after each step is completed. Only when the previous process is qualified can the production of the next link be carried out.

After completing all assembly tests, full inspection process on each machine is compulsory instead of using random inspection, to ensure that each machine we output is consistent and 100% qualified.
Traceable quality process control
Each production line in Good laser manufacturing workshop strictly implements a set of "traceable quality control". Which is to every part of component, test and assembly to strictly follow standard procedures and responsible person. Helps to efficiently trace the corresponding parts for investigation and debugging.
Full inspection to trial run
Before the laser machine is packaged, the quality inspection team will conduct a engraving and cutting production trial work test on the machine. The goods that reach customer can be used directly without laborious installation and debugging. The trial test will not end early just for the sake of being quicker without a full test run for a certain amount of time.
We attach great importance to good user experience. Flawless laser product in package box will be arrived to our customer. We choose special optimized boxes and packaging materials for rapping and protect the device. The most stable packaging structure is to make the most efforts to ensure there will be no damage to the machine device during transportation and various handling.
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