Our Company
Dongguan Henghao Laser Technology Co., Ltd
We started developing optical, mechanical, and electrical integrated laser products in 2009. And strive for excellence in the development of high-precision metal and non-metal laser cutting products and solutions for our laser application customers in various industries, to empower for unleash production capacity and creativity.

In 2021, we set up an R&D laboratory specialized in developing low-power CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines for non-metal cutting use in makers and Steam education industries. Today, Good-laser machines are serving thousands of users, providing users with more creative space and inspiration to achieve more possibilities.
Our brand
We uphold a just a very simple philosophy and commitment which is to produce good laser products for our customers.

As a team that started with creative technology, technology and quality have always been implemented in our work process, and deeply embedded in our corporate genes. we are continuing to output innovative power for the world's precision and intelligent manufacturing, for people who love creation, and for the technological progress of the laser application industry to thrive.
Our commitment 
With focus and professionalism to drive release unlimited productivity and creativity
We take seriously every feedback request from our consumers and are open to suggestions. Whether you are a very experienced laser expert in the industry or a new entrant interested in the laser industry, We offer undifferentiated whole-process professional services to provide you with the most suitable solution. And create a supportive culture for our customers by offering ongoing education, resources and opportunities. and by offering people laser products that create beauty and inspire the spirit of creation.
We got everything in control
At Good-Laser, we rely on superb technology to gain the trust of customers and the market. What we know is about laser technology including laser R&D, design, production, software and everything. and we take the core technology into our own hands to ensure that the products and services our customers received are the most efficient and professional.
We are innovator
We love to innovate, for this purpose, we have established a set of standardized intellectual property management systems that award the certificate for compliance with the standard GB/T29490-2013 to encourage innovation. create more substantial guarantees and environments for laser technology innovation.
Good-Laser Milestone
The Good-Laser start-up technical team begin to develop laser equipment.
The first metal laser cutting machine officially launched.
Three series of cutting, marking and welding products were successfully developed and officially launched on the market.
The manufacturing center expands the production capacity to reach an annual production capacity of 1,000 units/per year.
Start to design and develop a CCD camera cutting machine, and 3D laser cutting machine, and expand three new production lines.
Expand production capacity again and move to a manufacturing industrial park with a larger area, with a production capacity of 3,000 units/ year improved.
Independent development and production of 0706 high-precision metal substrate cutting machine to be successfully launched.
The new product of CO2 3D engraving and cutting is applied to makers' consumer and scientific innovation education application machines were successfully developed and put into production.
2023 - Today
So far, our self-developed machines have obtained more than 50+ R&D patents at domestic and internationally. yet we are always on the way...
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