Adapted to
Good-Laser Light 530 Accessories
Ruida 6445GT Touch Screen Laser Controller

1. Support up to 4 channels of servo/stepping motor control.

2. Support 1-way extended serial port to communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface.

3. Support 4 OC gate outputs, which can directly drive 5V/24 relays.

4. Support mobile APP.

5. Support double-head electric mutual movement control and over-format cutting.

6. Support double-head asynchronous processing.

7. Support processing methods such as large format vision, mark point vision cutting and projection cutting.

8. Support controller and HMI firmware updating through U disk

9. Startup screen upgraded through software supported.

CO2 laser Si reflective mirror lens
The laser mirror lens sold 3pcs as a kit, it uses a gold-plated film with a reflectivity higher than 96% and fast heat dissipation.
SPT TR90 / TR100
TR130 CO2 laser tube
The replaceable 60W to 130W laser CO2 tube with lengths from 1080mm to 1680mm.
Good-Laser Light 640 Accessories
High-speed hybrid servo motor
The closed-loop high-speed hybrid is the standard motor on the Good-laser Light 640 series laser machine device. it works with low noise and high speed, Meanwhile, it has impact protection, stable operation, and high safety. More importantly, the motor provides ultra-fast acceleration to make sure that it does not lose steps for the laser cut and engrave works.
Air compressor
The Good-Laser Light 640 laser machine used in conjunction with high-pressure and low-noise air compressor includes two parts: the high-pressure and low-noise air compressor and the water separator for additional purchase.
Rotation axis
The custom-configured rotary axis was used to extend the Good-Laser Light 640 series laser machine. It can be used for cut and engraving round items as an optional accessory.
High-resolution laser head
The high-resolution Laser head is made with a special structure for focusing the laser bean into a much smaller dot to get more tiny laser dots on the focused area for a more elaborate engraving work result.
4” laser head
We have two kinds of laser heads which are 2” laser and 4” laser head, the 4” laser head provides a longer focal distance than the 2” standard laser head, for cutting thicker materials, and the cutting edges come out more smooth and straight.
CCD camera
The optional CCD camera is used to automatically track and extract the edge contour of the picture that needs to be cut. It can be used for positioning and cutting self-drawing images, trademarks, printing, and other objects, greatly improving the precision and efficiency of standard cutting.
WiFi Kits
The wifi attachment allows your computer to connect wirelessly to your machine over a wireless network. This accessory allows your laptop to wirelessly connect and control your devices without the limitations of cables.
Other Accessories
Black-Coating Silicon Reflective
Mirror Lens For Co2 Laser
Including the gold silicon mirror the single-sided polished, and the black silicon mirror is the double-sided polished, it provides good optical and thermal properties, and the approximately 99.6% reflectance.
CO2 Laser USA CVD ZnSe
Meniscus Focus Lens
The USA-made CVD ZnSe meniscus focus lens uses high-quality ZnSe crystal that has up to 200W CO2 laser resistance and a superb coating process with a laser transmittance of up to 99.8%.
Rotary Engrave
accessories with chucks
Added on engraving rotary with chucks support smooth motion with super-low motor noise. Closed loop control without engraving steps lose.
Industrial chiller for
100W laser tube
The highly-efficient industrial-grade chiller for multiple applications including CO2 laser engraving & cutting, router, UV printer and more.
60W-150W CO2 Laser
Power Supply With LCD Display
Two optional type for AC115V and 230V input, stable operation up to 92% efficient and responding speed ≤1ms.
CO2 Laser marking/engraving/ cutting machine materials
Different kinds of CO2 laser material bag (32 pics in total)

1* PU Leather Mouse Pad (Color Random:10"x12") 

1* Solid-wood Phone Holder (3"x2"x0.8")

2* Pine Coaster (4"x4")

5* Basswood Plywood (12"x8"x0.1")

5* Solid Wood Key Chain (1.8"x1.4"x0.3")

2* Wooden Seal (2"x2"x1.6")

1* A4 Rubber Mat (Color Random:12"x8"x0.1")

15* Leoni Cardboard (Color Random:12"x8"x0.1")

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