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After 15 years of rapid development and technological upgrading of Good-Laser's products, services, and laser solutions, we are still on the way to continuous innovation.

We stand at a higher level and more focus on laser application for DIY makers and education now. Efforts are made to enable more of our users to apply laser products with low thresholds to inspire your limitless creativity.
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The Good-Laser machines are apply to various of materials for CO2 laser cutting and engraving. And we are also continue to explore more practical applications of laser technology in laser creation makers and education.
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We are proud of working with industry-leading companies and organizations worldwide to make positive improvements together.
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We understand how important our customer's success is to us, and keep offering every support we can to move forward together.
15+ years of laser R&D experience
15+ years of laser R&D experience
5000+ annual production capacity 
5000+ annual production capacity 
Quality first & Product first
Quality first & Product first
All-round technical support
All-round technical support
All-round cooperation resource-sharing support
All-round cooperation resource-sharing support
Global distributor & partner recruitment program
We have launched a special support program for Good-Laser global partners to create a greater potential platform together in the global laser industry.
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How to Choose the Best Desktop Laser Engraver for Beginners
The market for laser engraving machines is bustling with a variety of brands and models, each catering to different needs and budgets. For those just starting out, it's essential to identify models that offer a high value for money without compromising on quality. The GOOD-LASER Light 530, for instance, has gained popularity among beginners for its balance of affordability and performance.
Good-Laser new Light 640 CO2 laser cutter is ready now!
We are so excited and proud to announce that our new generation of high-end education and DIY maker application cutting machine Light 640 has finally been officially released. Over 8 months from the initial establishment of a new product R&D project to the first mass production. It has finally entered the final acceptance process. I will be able to meet you soon!
Spark your creativity: 7 Laser wood engraving ideas
Laser wood engraving is a great craft for DIY projects, as it allows you to make your creations detailed and personalized. With Good-Laser’s affordable prices, you can save big on wood laser engraving equipment like the Light 530 Desktop Laser Engraver! We’ve got you covered with 7 laser engraving wood ideas just in time for you.
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